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Honor Dogs

Junebug’s Labradoodles takes great pride in honoring those who protect and serve our country and communities. Military personnel and First Responders hold a special place in our hearts, especially because we as veterans and First Responders ourselves, understand the sacrifice it takes to hold these positions. As a tribute to the men and women who have made and are still making this sacrifice alongside us, we want to show our gratitude by donating a puppy to the comfort and care of a veteran or First Responder. Whether this puppy becomes a service dog, emotional support companion, or just another member of the family, we are grateful to contribute to the love and support of a true hero. 


Awaiting our next litter.  Next Honor dog coming soon.

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Donated Puppies


Serving the Valdez family.

A very special Thank you to Christian Valdez for your service to public and for your continued commitment to protect and serve.


Serving the Hampton family.

A very special Thank you to Justin Hampton for your service to our country and your continued service to the public.

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