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This all began when our mother June, nicknamed JuneBug, decided to breed a countless variety of dogs to add to our already full household. We were a family of 11 being raised in small California homes, things got hectic to say the least. Kim & I are the oldest girls so a lot of the time we were the ones helping Mom with her dogs. When there were dog shows in town we'd pile in our StationWagon & be on our way. Most of the time we'd have to make room on our way home for all of the trophies we'd win. For as long as we've known her she always had at least 1 furry friend, usually a Miniature Poodle. Our love for these beautiful bundles of joy has been embedded in us since children & has only grew since. In 2017, our mother JuneBug lost a 2 year battle with cancer. As a family we felt that there was no better way of honoring our mother's legacy than continuing her journey, that's how we got here. JuneBug's Labradoodles is a family oriented breeder based out of sunny Central California. 

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