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Puppies have arrived. Maddie and Diesel's babies were born March 27, 2024.  They will be ready for forever homes on May 22, 2024. Happy Easter!

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What is a Labradoodle?

The Labradoodle was created by breeder Wally Conron in 1988. He was working for the Royal Guide Dog Association of Australia and a woman from Hawaii was looking for a guide dog, but wanted a breed that wouldn’t aggravate her husband’s allergies. A female Labrador Retriever was crossbred with a male poodle and the result was young Sultan, the first-ever Labradoodle. The breed rapidly grew in popularity because of its calm temperament and “hypoallergenic” qualities. Labradoodles vary greatly in size as this is dependent on the size of their parent breeds. They can be standard size (with pups weighing around 45lb), medium (around 25-45lb) or miniature (less than 25lb). Their coats can also be quite different from wavy or curly to wiry or even straight depending on how much poodle is passed down to them. They also come in a variety of colors including chocolate, cream, black, silver and a red apricot mix. Labradoodles have a lifespan of about 12-14 years as both their parent breeds have long lifespans. These dogs tend to live happy and healthy lives so if you do decide they are the breed for you, you’ll be in for a long and wonderful journey with your adorable new friend.

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